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文 / 岑祖榮,中華基督教會深愛堂會友





從此我了解到所謂”雜草” 的價值,是被我的無知所抹殺了。除草的工作,亦多了一個新的角度去安排。但疑惑的是,未知Victor與他同胞們的價值,又於何時才能重新被認定?再一次能夠踏足於故鄉的土地上健康快樂地展開他們的新生活。

Weeds Lightup Life

Arthur: Sham Cho Wing (Church of Christ in China Shum Oi Church)

Brief introduction: “People have a misconception about the political asylum seekers in Hong Kong that they are here to compete for our resources and jobs. There is lack of support from the Hong Kong Government; the asylum seekers only receive food supplies every ten days, and the food is non-healthy and non-nutritious. HKCI and a local organic farmland join hands together to provide land for the asylum seekers to carry out their own organic farming. We appeal to churches and their congregations to participate in the work of farming, and to encourage Christians to reflect on their faith base on practical experience. The participation enables Christians to understand the asylum seekers better, also increases their care and awareness of the needs of the asylum seekers. The following is my experience in this project of 2010.”

I used to believe undoubtedly that the weeds in a ploughed field have to be removed completely. On the one hand, these weeds have no economic value because they are not being grown there intentionally. On the other hand, their existence competes for soil nutrients, and affects growth of the crop I planted. To avoid the damage of interests, removing the weeds is only fair and just.

The figure of Victor working in the farmland reminds me of his stranded stay in Hong Kong because of political persecution, and he is unable to return to his home and family. This image has given me a new experience. God has created a colorful and abundant world and nature, making the field into an environment with a single crop instead turns out to be a harmful effect on the growth of other crops.

The biodiversity, biological component of earth systems, is similar to our society, both needs to allow different types and characteristics to exist in the communion in order to create a thriving nature. Likewise, an environment that is worthy to be called harmonious and good is a society that embraces different ethnicity, class, and ideas.